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Tell Better Stories – 13.03.16

As of this writing, there are 83 groups in the Frankfurt community of InterNations and I am a member in 33 of them. Having been appointed as the 5th Ambassador in the community, I made a plan to attend 1 to 2 new group activities a week and meet their members and Consuls.

Accordingly, having danced all Saturday night with the Frankfurt Let’s Dance  Group, after 3 hours of sleep I rose up again to attend the Frankfurt Professional Networking Group activity.

The name of the event was “InterNationaler Frühschoppen – Tell Better Stories”, so I assumed that the event will feature speaking, perhaps one of impromptu nature. But to my delight, it was not about telling better stories, but about writing better stories. And better yet it was about writing for thought leadership.  

The expert who enlightened us on thought leadership writing was Rhea Wessel, an American freelance journalist, Author and Writer. She explained us what thought leadership is and why its significance is rising in the new age. Also she taught us how to find cool ideas to write about and how to communicate them with a journalistic approach.

The part I liked the most was on structuring a story and the following are the stages to structure a story:

  • Stage 1: Tease me, you devil
  • Stage 2: Tell me what you’re up to
  • Stage 3: Oh yeah?
  • Stage 4: I’ll buy it. Help me remember.

In essense, this get-together was the first in a series of get-togethers that Rhea and the Group Consul Andreas had considered organizing, if there is a demand for it. And at the scene it was obvious that there is a demand for it.

And as far as I am concerned, I am already teased by what Rhea is up to and I can’t wait for the next session that is to take place on the 5th of June. Check it out: 

And many thanks to Andreas for the great pictures of the event!






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    Rhea’s final 7-minutes-speech was really eye-opening . . . and as always . . . whenever 12/26 registered attendees turn up you can be sure it’s always the golden ones . . . 🙂

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  6. Ich so glücklich, schöne Menschen in der Welt, wenn ich in account’m nehmen möchten, hier zu dienen mir halten im Netzwerk unterwegs

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