The Force of Determination (TiGeR 3 of 365)

Two days ago, in TiGeR (stands for Think and Grow Rich) 1 of 365, I shared the story of a little black girl and Darby’s barking uncle. If we sit down and ponder over what had whipped that barking big man, I think the answer is the little’s girl force of determination which was gigantic. I think it’s the same force that comes into being when a mother lifts up a car that was coming crushing into her baby.

Luckily, being a Scorpio, I happen to have no small doze of determination in general, and this morning I woke up with a feeling that I need to channel my phoenix-animated-gif-4determination into a specific circumstance that I want to have created for me. And below reminders from Michael Jordan has been an inspiration to inflame the fire inside me.


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