Toastmasters Vocabulary Building

Here are the 40 words suggested by Toastmasters International for vocabulary building.

1. Auspicious: (n) showing or suggesting that future success is likely

2. Euphoria: (n) a feeling of great happiness

3. Aplomb: (n) complete and confident composure

4. Copacetic: (adj) very satisfactory

5. Zonked: (adj) very exhausted 

6. Ameliorate: (v) to make better; improve

7. Audacious: (adj) daring bold, extremely original

8. Ebullient: (adj) having or showing liveliness and enthusiasm

9. Iteration: (n) repetition

10. Beholden: (adj) being under obligation for a favor

11. Umbra: (n) a shaded area

12. Refractory: (adj) resisting control or authority: stubborn, unmanageable

13. Categorical: (adj) absolute, unqualified

14. Prudent: (adj) cautious; discreet

15. Insubstantial: (adj) lacking material form or substance

16. Habituate: (v) make psychologically or physically used

17. Bantering: (adj) cleverly amusing in tone

18. Retrospective: (adj) concerned with or related to the past

19. Endearment: (n) the act of showing affection

20. Agog: (adj) highly excited

21. Iota: (n) a tiny or scarcely detectable amount

22. Rendezvous: (n) a meeting planned at a certain time and place

23. Nexus: (n) the means of connection between things linked in series

24. Thematic: (adj) relating to or constituting a topic of discourse

25. Epic: (adj) very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary

26. Bevy: (n) a flock of birds; large gathering

27. Acme: (n) the highest point

28. Bawdy: (adj) humorously vulgar

29. Anomalous: (adj) deviating from the general or common order

30. Consort: (v) keep company with

31. Prologue: (n) an introduction to a play

32. Escapade: (n) any carefree episode

33. Assuage: (v) ease, lessen pain

34. Opulent: (adj) luxurious, sleek, affluent

35. Verity: (n) truth, fact, reality

36. Elicit: (v) draw out by discussion

37. Adroit: (adj) clever, skillful, dexterous

38. Tenacious: (adj) holding fast

39. Disparity: (n) difference

40. Optimal: (adj) best

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