Self-confidence by default

These days I have been thinking about self-confidence by default and I just came across the following great article by David S.Rose and wanted to share it with you all:

What is it like to have confidence in yourself that you will be successful no matter what?

It is one of the best privileges there is.

Over the past several decades, society has become increasingly aware of the concept of ‘innate privileges’ from which some people go through life benefiting, without—in many cases—even being aware that they have.

These include “male privilege”, “white privilege”, “economic privilege”, “height privilege”, “good looks privilege”, “geographic privilege” and many others.

While it might sound ludicrous to a poor, short, homely, person of color living on a subsistence farm in an impoverished village that someone who looks like George Clooney (actor) doesn’t realize that he’s got a few extra advantages over everyone else, that is indeed often the case.

And while “white, male privilege” may be the  most obvious on the surface, in fact the privilege of self confidence may be one of the most powerful of all. It can come from the way a child was raised, it can come from a psychological condition such as hypomania, it can come from having personally experienced repeated success against great odds.

But for those who have it, the effect is like watching a thriller or a superhero movie: there will no doubt be all sorts of trials and tribulations along the way, and bad things are going to happen…but before you walk into the theater you know that Tom Cruise or Supergirl or Tony Stark is going to triumph in the last few minutes, and go on to another movie.

That’s just what it’s like to have unwavering self-confidence: you know that you’ll pull out of the dive at the last minute, save the world, get the girl, and live to star in the sequel…no matter how bad things might look at the moment. And that, in turn, helps you get through the bad times.”


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