Abraham Hicks Encounter – 14.02.16

The Universe must have liked the fact that I dedicated Sunday to the Soul so much that on my first Soul Sunday I was made to listen to the Universe speaking to us through a humanbeing. Such a communication seems to be wierd to Oprah as she keeps repeating the comment in below video. However, given my Shamanistic background, it seems like the most natural thing to me.

Question: What is the outcome of this encounter with the Universe?

Baira: I feel secure about life and sure that I am on the right path. I always felt that I was born to live my dreams and I went about getting it. However, some part of me sometimes questioned whether there was a higher purpose and that mine could be of little selfish nature. But listening to the Universe talking, I am convinced that I came here to create and live the life of my wildest dreams anyway. 


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