Give to Receive

You must have heard the saying: “Give in order to receive” at some point in your life. Yesterday I heard Earl Nightingale saying, “In life you receive exactly in proportion to what you give.” And several days ago I read in a book, “The rule of reciprocation states that we try to repay, in kind, what another person has given to us.”

I guessed that this law must have played out when someone yesterday promised to give me something valuable. First I was surprised and thought “Where did that offer come from?” But then I thought “maybe the rule of reciprocating is quietly working here.”

With that guess still fresh in my mind, from today onwards, I decided to consciously test the Law of Giving/Reciprocation. So I tried to give as much as I can whether its information, attention or offer to help.

In fact, let me make it my 30-day test and see what unfolds in my life!

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