What do the Top Consultants in my new career do every workday?

Here are the 20 items list I came up with for daily checklist for myself. And the race on! 

  1. They are sure down to their guts that they will reach their goals. Their “Self Image” won’t accept anything less than that.
  2. They have daily, weekly, monthly and annual targets and they don’t do anything else unless they are on target.
  3. They believe in the business. They believe in the products. They believe in the clients’ needs. And they believe in themselves.
  4. They network and prospect relentlessly.
  5. They are well tuned into the prospects and clients, they think and talk from the clients’ point of view and they satisfy the clients’ undetected needs.
  6. They give out good vibes. The clients feel that they are truly there for their success and happiness. The clients are drawn to want to have friendship and relationship with them.
  7. They ask the clients very good questions and find out the information they need to understand why clients do/did what they do/did.
  8. They spread out good words about themselves. The prospects “buy” what they have to offer even before meeting them.
  9. They never forget the clients, and the clients never forget them.
  10. They are knowledgeable of sales and psychology principles, and readily call on them whenever necessary.
  11. They know that knowledge is power in this industry. Therefore, they acquire knowledge about the industry, products, target market, prospects and clients all the time.
  12. They are always thinking, searching and practicing new ways to improve their performance. That’s the juice!
  13. They work hard knowing that the rewards will be that much greater.
  14. They focus on big, important clients and tasks; and uses the 80/20 principle to their advantage.
  15. They work with good system, routine and schedule to make sure they work highly productively.
  16. They have good assistants who take care of their low value tasks and serve as a sound support.
  17. They learn from each encounter, meeting and experience, and work to improve their craft from the lessons learnt each day.
  18. They always find reasons to get interested, excited and thrilled about the job and the clients.
  19. They do what they said/planned/committed to do and they are proud of themselves for it.
  20. Nothing and no one defeats their soul. If circumstances hit them hard, they hit back harder to create the circumstances that they desire.

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