My make-believe story: Pursuit of diamond gemstones

Alchemist_-white-CoverI am convinced that we like people and things, the qualities of which we find in ourselves. In my case, I must have listened to “The Alchemist” audio book over 50 or 100 times. I listened to it again and again as I saw myself in the main character boy.

And each time my life phases changed, I couldn’t help comparing them to the phases of the boy’s life in the story. And for all this time that I have been overcoming tremendous challenges, I have always thought that I will reach my “Pyramid” one day and I will find my “Treasure”. Now I feel that I have reached my “Pyramid”, which is Frankfurt; so next I only need to find my “Treasure”, which I would like to think of as diamond gemstones.

diamonds-close-up-macroAnd how do I find my diamond gemstones? Just like how a diamond hunter finds them: To find a few precious diamond stones, the hunter has to consistently and tirelessly screen hundreds and thousands of normal stones that resemble the treasured stones. In the same way, to find the few great customers, I have to meet and talk to hundres and thousands of expats in Germany.

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