Keeping My Word – 10.02.16

Having read in Frank Bettgar’s book that keeping your word/promise tremendously increases respect for oneself, today I decided to test it consciously. And I came across 3 situations, which I was very tempted to cancel or delay at first, but I stuck to my word/commitment.

And what happened as a result? 

  • In the 1st instance, the saleswoman must have been pleasantly surprised that I did come back to buy the stuff after my business meeting.
  • In the 2nd meeting, my future-colleague must have been immensely impressed by the promptness of my revert to him on the thing I promised.
  • In the 3rd instance, the man himself created a situation under which I had no possibility to come and see him at super short notice.

And as a result of this little test, I am truly amazed by the amount of respect and trust I have gained for myself. So I should keep it up! B24_1_Zoom

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