Service Saturday – 08.02.16

Today I decided to dedicate Saturdays for logistical matters and named this day “Service Saturday“. That means on Saturdays I will do chores that will help me to function properly on every other 6 days. And below is the list of 20 items that I could do on Saturdays and get my life under good control:multitasking-woman

  1. Sleep in
  2. Do a full body workout in the morning
  3. Do weekly grocery shopping
  4. Do personal & household shopping
  5. Clean my home and do household laundry
  6. Take care of my clothes (washing, ironing, sewing, etc.)
  7. Fix broken things
  8. Get my nail done
  9. Take clothes to dry cleaner
  10. Catch up with friend(s)
  11. Go to a concert/movie/theater
  12. Watch TV or Youtube videos
  13. Attend social events and go see trade fairs
  14. Cook a nice meal
  15. Respond to mails and emails (especially service- and subscription-related)
  16. Organize paperwork and pay invoices
  17. Do researches related to personal matters
  18. Do weekly financial analysis and planning
  19. Analyze the weekly records sheets and determine areas for improvement
  20. Plan my week ahead

After I have determined the purposes of Saturdays and Sundays and the corresponding activities, I feel that my life will achieve a nice definite structure from now on. And that really comforts my inner person, who has high expectations for results, enjoyment and order in life.

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