Soul Sunday: 07.02.16

Today I made the decision to dedicate Sunday for the Soul and call it “Soul Sunday”. On this special day, I will do everything that will contribute towards me and my inner child’s wellbeing, enjoyment and personal growth. They are usually the things I will have no time doing during the weekdays once I start working; or those things I want to do, but don’t know where to get started. See my private list below and I thank Brian Tracy’s daily question tip for inspiring this idea!sunday-morning-style_breakfast-style-by-inslee (1)

  1.  Sleep in
  2. Meditate or do a breath exercise
  3. Have a nice brunch outside
  4. Sit in a sauna or go for a swim
  5. Do or receive a face and body massage
  6. Do a face care ritual
  7. Make Ayurvada treatment
  8. Going for a walk and exploring the city
  9. Walk around and take professional photos
  10. Driving around with car or a bycicle
  11. Go hiking or fishing
  12. Gardening
  13. Videochat with Linda & mom
  14. Do yoga
  15. Cooking a nice meal
  16. Draw or paint
  17. Practice the American accent training
  18. Read a paperback book or a magazine in line with the Soul Sunday activities
  19. Play my pan flute
  20. Practice make-up art or creative hairstyle

And what would be your Soul Sunday list? 🙂 

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