Q: How can I instantly and profoundly connect with my clients at the 1st meeting?

Here are my 20 answers which I found by brainstorming and googling:

  1. Wear something that makes me feel great about myself
  2. Eat something beforehand so that I won’t get hungry for the next 1 and a half hour
  3. Shine with smile
  4. A firm hand shake
  5. Make eye contact
  6. Be relaxed
  7. Be charming
  8. Have a sense of humor
  9. Be interested and completely focused on the other person
  10. Speak through a nice body language
  11. Tell an interesting story
  12. Ask the name and origin of the name, especially to memorize
  13. Use the other person’s name frequently during the meeting
  14. Find several things in common with the other person (Ex: the same phone brand)
  15. As “Why Germany?” (to an expat)
  16. Ask if they speak German (to an expat)
  17. Compliment on his/her unique things (Ex: voice, accent, smile, etc.)
  18. Ask nice/good questions in a pleasant way
  19. Do not interrupt the other person while talking
  20. Be informed of current events, especially those related to the other person so that we can have a meaningful small talk.

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