The 13 subjects for salesman’s success

In my favorite book of his, Frank Bettger wrote that the modified application of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Subjects were the most important factor in his sales success. Thinking that a genius like Benjamin Franklin believed this was the most important thing he ever did, Frank thought “Why shouldn’t I try it?” Then he followed Mr.Franklin’s plan exactly as he was told how to use. He just took it and applied it to selling with 7 substitutions which he thought would be more applicable in sales.

Reading that, I thought “If a successful salesperson like Frank Bettger believed this was the most important thing he ever did, why shouldn’t I try it?” I am going to follow the exact same 13 subjects that Frank applied and they are the followings:

  1. Enthusiasm2
  2. Order: self-organization
  3. Think in terms of others’ interests
  4. Questions
  5. Key issue
  6. Silence: listen
  7. Sincerety: deserve confidence
  8. Knowledge of my business
  9. Appreciation and praise
  10. Smile: happiness
  11. Remember name and faces
  12. Service and prospecting
  13. Closing the sale: action

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