Just killed the FEAR. Good bye!

These days I am on a mission to find out and own all it takes to become a successful salesperson, and one thing that keeps coming up as the No.1 enemy of sales people happens to be FEAR. They are saying that the fear of rejection and the fear of failure threaten to paralyze every single salesperson, and only those who successfully conquer these fears step forward and succeed.

So I thought, “If that’s the case, why don’t I kill it altogether before even I get started? Isn’t killing it altogether better than having to catch and conquer it each time? I think it is. So I just kicked it so bad with a deathly blow and killed it. And the No.1 enemy is gone. I wonder how many enemies are out there in total… But what I do know is that I will find each and every one of  them and give the same deathly blows.” 


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