World-class sales: Never forget a customer, never let a customer forget you

Today’s big lesson from Frank Bettger is “Never forget a customer, never let a customer forget you”. Among the great stories he provided to illustrate the lesson, I have picked the following one for you:

“Years ago I bought a rather large home. I liked the place  immensely, but it cost so much, that after I closed the deal, I wondered whether I had made a mistake. So I began to worry. Two or three weeks after we moved into the new home, the real estate broker called me on the phone and said he’d like to see me. It was on a Saturday morning. When he arrived, I was curious. Well, he sat down and congratulated me on my wisdom in selecting that property.

Then he told me many things about the place and some interesting history of the surrounding countryside. Later he took me for a walk all around that section, pointed out different lovely homes and told me the names of the owners. Some of them were rather prominent people. He made me feel proud. That salesman showed even more enthusiasm and love for my property than he had when he was trying to sell it to me. But he couldn’t possibly have been too enthusiastic about the place then, because he was talking about my property.

His visit reassured me that I had not made a mistake, and he made me happy. I felt grateful to him. In fact, that morning I formed a strong liking for that man. Our relationship became more than buyer and seller. We became friends.

This cost him an entire Saturday morning when he could have been out seeing a new prospect. However, about a week later, I called him up and gave him the name of a close friend of mine who showed an interest in a property near mine. My friend didn’t buy that property; but in a short time this broker located just the right place for him, and a good sale resulted.”

So let’s never forget a customer and never let a customer forget us! 

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