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L’s Jan 26, 16 – Ice Hotel

IMG_5792I received an one of the most incredible hotels brochure which was especially brought for me from my in law’s Ice Castle trip in Quebec city, Canada.

The Ice Hotel (French: Hôtel de Glace) near Quebec City, Canada is the first and only ice hotel in North America. There are five more Ice Hotels in Europe, none in Asia.

The hotel opened on New Year’s Day in 2001. With its huge snow vaults, its crystalline ice sculptures its 44 rooms and suites. These unique rooms have beds made from blocks of ice, with mattresses and sleeping bags. Some rooms have whirlpool tubs and/or fireplaces.

From their experience, dad was fine with sleeping on an ice bed with a mattress, fur blanket and a sleeping bag. But mom could not sleep on an ice cub 25 degrees inside. Just so cold and unbelievable. She left the room at 2 a.m and didn’t go back. She went a hot tub room and put her feet in there for a while, went to their office and somewhere warmer where she could wait until the sun rises.

It was an interesting experience but costed so many nerves of them. It snowed in North Carolina last Friday morning. Roads were icy, schools were closed, flights were canceled. They were suppose fly to Charlotte-New York, New York-Quebec city on Saturday morning, however because of the weather their flight were canceled. So they found another flight that departs from Charlotte-Toronto, Toronto-Quebec city on Saturday evening. It was a birthday surprise for mom from dad. He planned this trip from last year and already paid for everything. Therefore, they did not want to cancel their trip and did whatever they had to do to get there. Driving on icy road to the airport, changing flights etc. Such a romantic man dad is.


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