My “Qi” experiences

Contemplating on “Qi”, I realized that I have felt its presence on many occasions. The most striking experience was on a day when I enjoyed two intense “pleasure sessions” all over my body, in which each session lasted for over 2 hours. It was during the period when I was actively taking hip-hop dance classes. And in  one of those mornings, I did my weekly 1-hour yoga and left home for some minor chores. And when I was walking to the train station, my body started generating this awesome “pleasure session” all by itself. My whole body felt like it was on a pleasant “fire”. I could literally feel the “heat” around my body. It was such a pleasurable experience that I feared it will go away, but to my delight, it lasted for over 2 hours.

Then again in the evening right after my dance class, the “pleasure session” started again and lasted for another 2 hours. Coming home I did a little google research to find out what it was, and the only thing that seemed close enough was what they term as the “Runners’ high”. But now I see that my “Qi” was celebrating life!

And also I realize that many times it used to rise up during dancing when I felt that some sort of mysterious energy or power took over me and started making gorgeous moves that I couldn’t consciously repeat later on…

Last Monday I have felt it too when I was doing weight lifting in my fitness class. Suddenly something seemed to “click” and my muscles went “autopilot”, so smoothly and powerfully moving around and lifting the weights. And I was shocked at the strength of my arms…

And I have felt it way earlier too when I used to run in a school garden. It was 7-8 years ago and each of my running used to last for 1-2 hours. Back then while running, my mind and body used to get into a deeply relaxed state where running seemed to feel as easy as just standing. And during and after the running, my body used to feel joy and pleasure.

Last, but not least, I have felt the “Qi” emerge during the most intimate sessions. Thinking about it, I am sensing that there might be a certain spot where the “Qi” resides and …

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