Baira’s photo diary: 23 December, 2015

This morning I reasoned that I might like Martial Art given my flexible body and the sudden impulses to kick my leg high in the air. Immediately I did a quick research and found two schools in Frankfurt, which claim to offer Martial Art classes.

So I picked the one that seemed to have better facilities and more professional online presentation. Upon arriving there, I was very impressed by the high-end facilities and the niceness of the people there. However, because what they named Martial Art class was something close to wrestling and because the registration person kept urging, I ended up doing the Fitness Boxing class.

How was Boxing? It was hard. It was hard especially because I am weak in my arms. Halfway through the class, I got convinced that I am a “leg” person and not an “arm” person. And to be honest, when I was giving punches to someone else, I could not shake off the feeling of “destructiveness” in it.

So I am wondering if any type of fight is for me… In any case, I will try the other school and see if they have a real Martial Art class.

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