Perhaps life is a “Story”

I have such a mind that unless it sees the big picture, it refuses to deal with details. And after trying to discipline and control this mind, finally these days I am giving into it for it is giving me no peace otherwise.

So I keep following it and looking wherever it feels it might find that big picture of the life. And after looking around for a while, today it is suggesting me “Maybe life is a STORY!

If I try to explain what it means, I think it means that a joke is a story, a fairy tale is a story, a novel is a story and a movie is a story. If you look at the make up of all of these, whenever there are human beings, animals, nature and forces are out there, they interact with one another and their actions and frictions create a story.

So if you look at our lives, don’t we have all of those components? Don’t we all interact with one another and create dramas, crisis, victories, meanings and joys? So maybe life is indeed meant to be a “story”. And maybe life indeed is a “story” and all we have to do is to pick the characters we would like to play and just play it in the ever-unfolding scenes of the story. 

And just like a story, maybe the meaning and the thrill of life is in the suspense of the unknown. And just like how a story ends is not as important as the quality of the story, maybe how our life ends is not as important as the quality of the life we create. 

So if life is a story, which “character” would you like to choose?

What goals are you willing to set for that “character?  

And how dramatic would you like to make that “character”?

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