Creating your story “Character”

Having found our “Gifts”, Linda and I believed that if we consciously utilize our gifts, miracles will happen in this life. Therefore, we named our blog “Gifts & Miracles” and started out on this journey. And as per the law that states “What you believe and think about materializes in reality”, it seems that miracles have started happening almost on daily basis.

So what was today’s miracle?

When my mind kept insisting that life must be a “Story”, I typed up below post and got up to rest my intense mind by doing some dishwashing. And because of not having a dishwasher or a space to put one, this process turns into a lengthy one; and when I do it, I like to keep it productive by watching a YouTube video or listening to an audio book.

So this time I randomly picked below video, and it’s theme happens to be “Story”. By now perhaps you are thinking that I am making it up. But believe me you, it happened like that; and whenever such coincidences happen I call them “little miracles”.

After watching it a few minutes, I was convinced that my mind is on the right track with its “Story” conviction. And this video highlighted me the importance of consciously choosing and creating your “Character”. If you don’t know which “Character” you would like to play, you get lost. If you don’t know which “Characteristics” you would like to choose for your “Character”, you make a mess.  

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