Do you know your “Instrument”?

Up until last spring, I had nothing to do with any music instrument just like I have nothing to do with a Japanese Samurai sword. Then one day when I was riding the U-Bahn (German metro) in Berlin, a man came in playing a guitar and a pan flute. When I heard the sound of pan flute with my “naked” ear, I froze on my seat, time stood still and I knew that this was “my instrument”.

Earlier I had been acquainted with panflute through the Kill Bill movie sound track below. But when I heard it playing right next to me “live”, I knew that this instrument was meant for me. So I bought one and I will learn to play it eventually.

And the question is “What if every single human being is blessed with an instrument? What if each one of us is meant to play it to reach the place within ourselves that one cannot reach otherwise?

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