Fruity juicy icecube business

After watching below video this morning, I thought “Why not a fruity icecube business?

(If you are curious about where that thought came from, just like dentists can’t help noticing others’ teeth first, businesspeople can’t help framing many things, if not most things, in a business context. So there it is again…)

So what if someone puts his/her heart and soul into establishing such a business and supplies all bars and restaurants with “natural fruity juicy icecubes”? What if that person convinces all supermarkets to sell his/her icecubes as a standard commodity and consumers develop the habit of buying them with their water and alcoholic drink purchases? What if that person invents an “icecube vending machine” and installs them at fitness centers, saunas, and wherever else people need to drink a lot of water.

If someone does that, all I can think of is that many people will drink more water and cocktails. Many fruits and berries will be consumed without much efforts. And many bodies will be naturally detoxed. 

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