Finding our self expressions

What if one of life’s purposes is to find our “self expressions”? By that I mean what if every person is blessed with several “Mediums” to express himself/herself to feel optimum self fulfillment and make the greatest contribution to the humanity? And what if those whom we call “genius” are the people who found the “mediums of their self expressions” and learned to utilize them to their full potential?

To take an example on myself, dancing gives me a rare joy a few other things give me. And lately I’m discovering that blogging might be another medium of my self expression for I am getting the same kind of joy and the feeling of self expression.

If you ask me “What could be other types of self expressions?” I think it can be anyting from creating a visual art to giving a massage, from singing to fixing broken things, from writing novels all the way up to collecting dolls.

If you need an example of self expression to inspire your thinking, please go ahead and watch below video, and afterwards scroll up and ask yourself the very first question above. 

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