Baira’s photo diary: 17 December, 2015

Today Google pleasantly surprised and delighted me. This morning when I opened the search engine, I saw the above picture. Curious about why there was a “Play” button there, I pressed on it and it started playing the Moonlight Sonata video. Fascinated, my face was almost “stuck” on the screen.

When the video finished playing, the below screen appeared. Even more curious, I dragged the 2nd block with the notes and it moved around. Then I figured out that I was supposed to arrange them in the right places.

1When I randomly arranged it, it started playing itself, but the music sounded “off”. Then I realized that the “x” signs meant that specific part was wrongly placed.


Then I swapped the two wrong blocks’ places and this time the Sonata played right.


When the experience was over, I was just “wow….” I had just seen a very special “Gift” partially manifested right there. When the “Gift” is utilized all the way to the end, it should not only pleasantly surprise and delight, but also it should totally satisfy. In its totality, this very special “Gift” reads as “Satisfying undetected needs“.

This surprise had such a big impact on me especially because just 3 days ago, wishing to learn to read music notes and finally be able to play my favorite instrument, I had watched several YouTube videos such as below one. So when this Google music video exercise came up, I felt that Google had “read my mind” just like when it had changed into Birthday-greetings search engine on my birthday last month.

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