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What is our calling?

This morning I continued on with Oprah series as I went about my morning chores, and I bumped into this thing called “The Calling“.

Last month when I read that everyone has a “Gift”, I went about finding it and I found it. Now this thing called “Calling” sounds at the same remote level as I read about “Gift” for the first time in association to myself.

Does “Calling” really exist for everyone?

Do I have one? If yes, what is my “Calling”?

Do you have one? If yes, what is your “Calling”? 

Among the several videos I watched on “Calling” this morning, below one of Oprah’s stood out as the most explaining. Hope it inspires you too.

6 thoughts on “What is our calling?

  1. She is AMAZING! I have watched this a several times but never felt enough. I keep asking myself “What is MY CALLING in this life?”

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