Baira’s video diary: 14 December, 2015

Today’s theme has been “Oprah and believing”. I watched below video while preparing a leafy salad for dinner. And it got me thinking…

I thought, listened to it again and got away with the following take-aways.

  • She explains in the first part that the thing that got her this far is asking the God to use her. And looking at myself, I realize that in going about shaping my career, it never occurred to me that I could ask the Highest Power to give me the suitable role(s). So this time I should ask and see what unfolds in my life. 
  • Second, in her story of Color Purple movie, I see that once I have lived a similar experience. Oprah says, “When you have done all that you can do and there is nothing else that you can do, then surrender to God“. Like her, twice I have truly, deeply, badly wanted something and believed with my whole being that I was the right person to deserve it, and finally I got them. In the second instance, first I had been rejected and I couldn’t believe that me-not-getting-it was even possible. The night I heard of the rejection, I fell asleep helplessly lost, uncomprehending, tears running down the corners of my eyes and asking for help. Then that night I got a magic dream that showed me how to turn things around. I did as instructed and the decision had been changed in my favor. So do your very very best, believe to the core of your being that you deserve it and surrender to the Highest Power’s help when you can’t go it alone. 

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