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Temple of Heaven – 01.07.16


I found this entrance ticket of the Temple of Heaven while I was packing. It was 31 January 2012, Chinese new year, 10th day of I met with my prince charming … It reminds me those lovely romantic moments and beginning of my love story.

It was a destiny that we met each other in abroad; Beijing, China. Specially during the Chinese New Year holiday period. Most people in Beijing are from outside of Beijing, therefore, during the Chinese new year everyone goes to their hometown and Beijing becomes almost empty for two weeks.

We wanted to sightseeing together. On Jan 31, we went to the Temple of Heavens and the Pearl Market. That was a cold day, so we returned home and had some indoor romantic time.

The day before it, we visited to the Bird nest stadium and Summer palace. Below photo was taken in Summer Palace by photographer Todd. 🙂





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