B’s photo diary: 04 December, 2015

Today I happened to take the James Bond taxi. What happened is that to go to the other side of the city for a meeting, I called a cab with “Mytaxi” application and started chatting with the driver the moment I got in. Shortly after he asked if I had watched the new James Bond film. I said “No” and then he explained that in that movie James Bond catches a taxi in Frankfurt for a short ride and that taxi is his and the driver is himself. Then he told me that his name is Tony and moved to Frankfurt for some 20+ years ago. And when I got excited about being sitting in the James Bond taxi, I wanted to take his photo and share here. But when he refused to have his face photo taken, I was happy to get away with his back photo. 🙂 Now I need to watch the new James Bond movie ASAP!

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