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What I want (updated)

Hello world!

Three days ago I defined what I want and took the notes here on my sweet blog. However, since then my consciousness level has risen up rather fast, and I have made some updates and adjustments in what I want. So as of this moment, below is what I want2

What I want

Me comes first:

  • Being sovereign, secure, super-powerful and surrendered in existence.
  • Being authentic, honest, humorous and happy with myself.
  • Having the freedom to do what I want when I want to.
  • Having abundance of energy, well-being and wealth to do anything I want.
  • Being ready, able and willing to receive all the good that this life has to offer.
  • Feeling the vitality and the beauty of my body and honoring it. And feeling wonderful in my dresses.
  • Enjoying the delicious juicy feeling that my body creates when I work out, do yoga or dance, and feeling graceful and gorgeous in posture.
  • Having words-can’t-describe-it good experiences. (like my “honeymoons” with B)
  • Laughing and dancing abundantly. Becoming one with music. Perhaps singing too.
  • Having crazy fun and spontaneous adventures. (like my Beijing night outs)
  • Creating beautiful creations that I can look at and never be able to get enough of. (like my sweet blog posts)
  • Owning beautiful real estates and decorating them the way I like. (like I used to)
  • Living and working in wonderful places, which vibe with beauty and comfort. Being in the nature a lot.

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